Dibond® Prints

The aluminium Dibond® we work with is a 3mm thick substrate – it has a black polyethylene core sandwiched between two aluminium sheets, each coated platinum white. Hence it’s a triple-layered composite material, physically stable while remaining very light. It’s ideal for a gallery-quality presentation at any display size..

The ultra-modern seven-colour printing technique uses laser exposure systems to give your work a luxurious matte finish with excellent picture quality and great durability. The printed areas have a glare-free finish, while white and bright areas show a subtle shimmer with a satin sheen.

When we’re working with Dibond®, your art work is printed directly onto the white coating of the composite panel. We use ultra-violet stable fine art inks for this state-of-the-art printing process which produces sharp, vivid colours.

The result has a very high saturation with great coverage, even for large areas of a single colour, and shows finesse - a great colour gamut capturing the finest detail.


Acrylic Glass Prints

Pictures mounted under acrylic glass are glossy, crystal clear, elegant, and pure – the perfect solution for anyone looking to have their art work produced to any gallery's quality standards.

A gleaming layer of acrylic glass fronts a Dibond® backing, which emphasises your art’s clear contours - UV-safe powerful colours are guaranteed.

Mounting the work under 2mm of acrylic glass enhances these characteristics and adds a clear sense of depth to your picture.

These are high-end materials that provide incredible stability and durability, while the work is robust, easy to handle, and easy to display!